Neurology Made Easy: Upper and Lower Brain

What is “Neurology Made Easy?” This topic is designed to help you understand a little bit more about how our brains work! The brain is an organ, just like any other. If we give our brains the things they need, barring rare cases of a chronic biological problem, or other disability, they will work the […]

The Attachment Cycle

What is Attachment Theory? I wrote a previous blog post explaining attachment theory and the secure base relationship. Check it out here! To summarize briefly, attachment theory explains how we relate to the most important people in our lives.  Attachment is a Cycle One of THE most difficult things in life is regulating our emotions. […]

Resource Management

What is Resource Management? Resource Management is the idea that we need to effectively and proactively manage our lives so that we maintain the necessary energy/emotional resources to contribute to our relationships and deal with the problems and setbacks that are part of life. In its simplest definition, it is having however many resources are […]


Why is Sexuality Important? The goal and result of healthy sexuality in a marriage is closeness! Sex has the potential to bind us together. The way we handle sex influences the love in our relationship, and the love and safety in our relationship influences sex. Sex is inherently vulnerable, so when we are vulnerable and […]


What is CORE? I have always been really interested in personality. It’s one of the things that got me interested in being a therapist/coach in the first place, because personality helps us understand who we are and what makes us tick and also helps us understand other people.  Across the years, I had never come […]