CORE is one of my absolute favorite things to talk about! In a nutshell, CORE is the temperament (kind of like personality) model that I developed over years of research. It helps us understand the innate part of us that doesn’t change and motivates why we do the things we do! CORE can help us […]

Conflict Resolution: Communicate

Dealing with and resolving conflict is easily one of the most difficult things for most relationships! Conflict is a crucial part of any relationship. The key to a healthy relationship isn’t avoiding conflict, it’s learning how to do conflict healthily.  CPR of Conflict Resolution The three main components of conflict resolution can be remembered with […]

Rewiring the Brain: Cognitive Cycles

Last week, we talked about how the brain works. Now that we understand the basics of neurology, we can learn how to help our brains work healthily!  Brain/Body Interactive Cycle This is the basic process that occurs as we interact with the world. When something happens, our body reacts and sends a message to our […]