What Do Others Think of You?

Assumptions…Good and Bad The way that you feel others view you can tell you a lot about how you *actually* view yourself. You might consider yourself to be a confident person, but when you walk into a room full of people whispering, do you assume that they are speaking poorly about you? On the other […]

Rewiring the Brain: Cognitive Cycle

Earlier this month we discussed our core beliefs, conditional assumptions, and automatic thoughts. These provide the framework for how we interpret everyday conversations and respond to the world around us. When we understand our body’s natural response to these events, we can “filter” them and react in the way we choose! BODY/Brain interactive Cycle When […]

Rewiring the Brain: Cognitive Cycles

Last week, we talked about how the brain works. Now that we understand the basics of neurology, we can learn how to help our brains work healthily!  Brain/Body Interactive Cycle This is the basic process that occurs as we interact with the world. When something happens, our body reacts and sends a message to our […]