What is Said vs. How it’s Said

How It Started… When an event occurs, the body reacts by sending a message up to the brain telling us that *something* happened. We then interpret our body’s reaction to the event, feeling and then acting in response to our interpretation. Now, the thing is that most of this process happens without us really realizing […]

Resource Management

What is Resource Management? Resource Management is the idea that we need to effectively and proactively manage our lives so that we maintain the necessary energy/emotional resources to contribute to our relationships and deal with the problems and setbacks that are part of life. In its simplest definition, it is having however many resources are […]


Why is Sexuality Important? The goal and result of healthy sexuality in a marriage is closeness! Sex has the potential to bind us together. The way we handle sex influences the love in our relationship, and the love and safety in our relationship influences sex. Sex is inherently vulnerable, so when we are vulnerable and […]