Understanding Your C.O.R.E.

When my family and I are all sitting together watching a movie or TV show, we will often sit there and laugh together as we try to identify the main character’s C.O.R.E. types. My adult daughters have leaned heavily on their understanding of C.O.R.E. as they date, learn to live with roommates, make friends, and […]

Suck’n Mud…24/7

Where You ARE: You wake up to a messy house every morning. Your job makes you miserable. You love your kids/spouse/parents/etc. but you aren’t sure if you like them… You weigh about 15 pounds more/less than you did at the start of Covid and it’s starting to worry you. You look at your life and […]

‘Did I Miss Something?’

Missing Pieces Have you ever jumped into a conversation and thought…‘Did I miss something?’ You try to put the pieces together and understand what they are talking about, but you realize that you are missing some foundational detail of what is being discussed. And it’s keeping you from understanding what’s going on. In some settings, […]


CORE is one of my absolute favorite things to talk about! In a nutshell, CORE is the temperament (kind of like personality) model that I developed over years of research. It helps us understand the innate part of us that doesn’t change and motivates why we do the things we do! CORE can help us […]


What is CORE? I have always been really interested in personality. It’s one of the things that got me interested in being a therapist/coach in the first place, because personality helps us understand who we are and what makes us tick and also helps us understand other people.  Across the years, I had never come […]